About Us

About Us

Steve Taylor started making the Original Reverse Turkey Calls, in 1982.  First he used a plastic pot, for the base to hold the Glass or Slate surface.  At the time most Glass or Slate friction calls, had a dead sound to them.  But with the use of a different style plastic base, the Glass and Slate friction calls came to life, with a crisp sound with the Glass and a mellow sound with the Slate. During these early years, some well known call makers tried making the same call, but all gave up on their calls after a year, and went to something else. 

In 1985 Mouth Calls were added to our line up, but the difference is each of our mouth calls is hand stretched one at a time, and our mouth calls take very little air to make turkey sounds.  At this time the large call makers were making their mouth calls on the string. Which ment, they were taking one or more pieces of latex, and stretching it so as to make 12 mouth calls at once. The problem with this is, as it is still being done today, the calls made in the center of the string, had the latex tighter, then the calls going to each end did, so even through they sold them as such a named called, none were the same.    

Also in 1985 we added a line of our own Deer Lures, put up like no one had done before, and that was with the Deer Lure keep in a Cold state before selling to the customers, which gave a longer use life to the product, and better results in the field for the Hunters. During this same time we added a Deer Grunt Call that was adjustable so you could make all Deer sounds. We still make our Grunt-N-Rut  Deer call today, and everything is made of wood, except the flexable tube, and reed.

In the early 90's, after making his first Original Reverse Turkey Call, Steve droped the plastic base, and went to a wood base, with the same design as the plastic base had, and made his Original Reverse Turkey Calls even better sounding, with the wood base over a plastic base.  

In the late 80's we started recording wildlife sounds and making cassette tapes for predator calling. We added alot of sounds through out the 90's, and with the on set of the electronic callers, we changed from tape to digital sounds that can be used on most callers today,so if your caller can have sounds added, both in MP3 and 24 bit WAV forms, you will want to give our sounds a try.

In the 90's with the Coyote in greater numbers, in the East, we added our first Cow Horn Howler, along with other predator calls, and mouth calls for predator hunting.

Just remember our calls no matter if its a  DEER, PREDATOR orTURKEY CALL, are either Custom Made or with the Mouth calls, made one at a time, not massed produced.